CBSE Affiliate

(Code No. 430212)

School Code : 10191

Co-Curricular Activities

House System:

The House System allows the school to foster school spirit and a sense of belonging amongst students within the school community. To promote team spirit, group loyalty and healthy competitions among the students, every student from Classes I to XII is placed in one of the four Houses. The school provides the platform for students to exhibit their talents by organising various inter-house competitions.

There are four houses: GREEN, RED, YELLOW, BLUE Every house is headed by the House Captain and Vice House Captain. The house also has the House Prefects. Points are awarded to the students of each house throughout the year for co-curricular activities, games and sports.

School Parliament:

The School Parliament is headed by the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister. It also comprises a team of other Ministers i.e. The Cultural Minister. The Sports Minister and The Minister of Social Service and The Minister for Cleanliness.

They are solely responsible for the discipline and the conduct of various activities of the school. It gives them an opportunity to use their leadership qualities towards internalizing the core values of Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity, Equality. Dignity, Respect and Compassion into their every day lives to carry with them beyond the four walls of Baselios Public School.

The club activities are well laid so that the hobbies and the holistic development of the child takes place in the school framework.

These club activities are designed to enhance and nurture the skills of the students in various fields and to prepare them for competitions. Special emphasis is laid to give proper guidance to their imagination, cultivate their originality and develop their skills.


1. Sports Clubs :-   Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Carrom and Chess Children can opt from the list of games/ sports as given to them

2. Integrity Club:   The aim of this club is to promote harmony and spirit of unity and brotherhood.

3. Heritage Club :-  The aim of the heritage club is to acquaint the student about rich heritage and culture of our country.

4. Other Clubs :-  

*Art & Craft Club :  Includes use of imagination to express ideas in painting. drawing and craft.

*Music Club :  Includes activities like Singing, Dancing and Playing Musical Instruments.

*Orator Club : Includes Activities like Debate, Declamation, Speech, Recitation, Elocution etc in English, Hindi and Sanskrit. 

*Health and Wellness Club : Includes activities like Yoga, Aerobics and Nutrition and Dietary Information.

*Eco Club & Nature’s Club :  Includes activities related to Environment, its preservation and cleanliness.

*Science Club : To develop interest in scientific hobbies.

*Social service Club: Aims to develop students’ potential and serve the needy in the Society.

  • Games and sports are a special area of emphasis in the school. The focus of sports is to help children build strength, develop co-ordination and instill confidence. Every student should stand exposed to as many sports activities as possible.

The sports activities conducted in the school consist of the following:-

Outdoor Sports :- Cricket, volleyball, Badminton, football, Athletics, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Handball, Throw ball.

Indoor Sports :- Chess, Carrom, Table Tennis, Badminton, Dart Board.

Indigenous Sports : Tug of war, Seven stones, Langadi (one leg hopping), Dodge ball.

  • Students will be trained in Physical Education depending on their abilities and interests.
  • Every child should work towards maximising his/her natural ability.
  • Students should work towards shared goals to inculcate a spirit of team work, loyalty,unity and imbibe important lessons of human values.
  • Students are expected to be disciplined and to abide by the rules of the game while participating in various physical activities.